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A view of a bit of water from above a cliff, everything is covered by trees A road on the right side, trees everywhere else A little cabin standing alone in the middle of a lake A factory seen from afar, the sky is red A bird alone on a pillar above a lake A view of a lake from above, vegetation everywhere A cliff, a lot of trees and a blue sky A seagull on a walkway made of wood, water in the background A view of a landscape with a lot of clouds A view of a landscape containing a villa in the middle of it, surrounded by trees A view of a hill with a cloud sky, and desaturated colors A close short of a spider on a rock A forest seen from above, full of burnt trees A flag in the middle of a blue sky Car traces on dirt A walkway in the middle of a lake

[Urgelle, Photos multiples, 1/12/2022, France]. Copyleft: ces œuvres (y compris l'arrière plan) sont libres, vous pouvez les copier, les diffuser et les modifier selon les termes de la Licence Art Libre http://www.artlibre.org