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Enfer et paradis

Pour la partie supérieure (Paradis): making the syymbolism obvious for viewers; is it dumbing down the drawing ? like the flower meaning life,
maybe i should explain everything and people won't understand if i don't.
making the beard solid since god is so old that his beard would be so rough that it'd be solid-looking.
heart representing the unconditional love that lots of people have toward god.
adding a woman's head to representingb every facet of human life, distorted features and over-exagerated is intended.
replacing foot with hand because foot is a dirty member.
the hand trying to catch god is a reference to what some think is eve, in the creation of adam, who is holding god's arm.
also a metaphor of someone trying to restrain humanity.
of course i changed the sex to avoid any of the undintended consequences that including eve brings.
the mushroom represents a penis, very obvious.
piercing a cloud as a way to pierce heaven.
praying priest has a bible as a brain. half-joke.
tree of with the apple to the right.
someone trying to catch the apple.
nihilism trying to hide away from it, rejecting freedom.
3 meaning the third child that the woman gives birth to.
a husband praying that his wife won't die giving birth to her child.
trying to make giving birth to a child like a selfless act ?
the eagle and the sheep that i've drawn are linked by multiple lines.

Pour la partie enfer : quelques références à Satan. La balance. etc. plus classique.